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LEWA EcoPrime® LPLC with enhanced buffer in-line dilution (BID) is an advanced downstream purification solution designed to optimize biopharmaceutical pilot and production processes.

Incorporating state-of-the-art digital fluid management and proprietary flow channel design, the EcoPrime chromatography platform delivers the highest accuracy and reducibility which translate to additional yield and purity.



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Find out more about the LEWA EcoPrime LPLC

Our low pressure liquid chromatography solution uniquely provides analytical performance at pilot and production scale. Plus, the EcoPrime system is highly configurable to your needs and offers a very cost effective buffer in-line dilution (BID) option.

Learn more by watching our video and reading the press release and brochure.

Buffer In-Line Dilution - 50% Discount Offer - Save up to $35,000 US!

Receive a 50% Discount on the enhanced Buffer In-Line Dilution Option when you purchase a standard EcoPrime LPLC 250, 500 or 1000 system before the end of October 2017.

This unique offer allows you to reduce your tank farm by up to 90% and make buffers at point of use at a very miinimal cost.

This extraordinary offer expires on 30 October 2017. No limit on number of systems purchased. No hidden fine print. 


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Overachiever. Wunderkind. Two Units in One.

Our cleanroom spokesperson gives a 90 second walk-through of new platform that delivers analytical performance at production scale...and more.

Learn how we achieve buffer make up on the same skid—simultaneously.  See how a single unit can do the work of up to three conventional process units with unrivaled precision. The EcoPrime systems are engineered with the most advanced sensors and controls and offer the flow range of two conventional systems.

Don't get left behind!

A brief look at a transformational downstream purification technology platform (1:51)

Want an even more detailed look at the EcoPrime features?

An in-depth view of the system design (6:23)

Press Release

Just Released

The EcoPrime standard line of products is now expanded to include an EcoPrime 1000 system. Offering the same renowned analytical accuracy as the EP 250 and EP 500 units, the 1000 provides the user capacity from 0.22 to 33.0 LPM.

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NEW! LEWA EcoPrime LPLC Streamline Platform

LEWA has reinvented the standard for chromatography with EcoPrime LPLC/BID. A single unit can do the work of up to three conventional process units with analytical accuracy across the entire flow range. The LEWA EcoPrime series offers 20 standard options that allow the user to optimize the design for their unique situation. Download the newly updated and expanded brochure and read why system design makes the difference in gradient performance. 

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EcoPrime Twin Data Sheet

Multi-functional Twin Column Chromatography

Learn all aspects of the LEWA EcoPrime Twin LPLC, including system design and performance, the systems’ dynamic range, application examples, regulatory compliance, productivity details, innovative software and more.

Download the Data Sheet